Ordering Photos

From our galleries you can order digital files on either a private or a commercial licensing option. If you do not understand the difference please make sure to scroll down this page for additional information.

Check out on our site is currently done by PayPal only. If you do not have access to PayPal or have problems checking out on our website please make sure to check out our page with >> package deals or get in direct contact and we’ll do our best to sort you out.

For any use of our photos on social media please make sure to give credit  @eventingphoto

From time to time we’re getting questions about functionality on our site. Down below you’ll find the answers to the most common ones. If you cannot find the answers you’re looking for please do not hesitate in getting in contact and we’ll make sure to sort you out.

Downloads & Private User rights

We have several different options of downloads spanning from online usage to digital prints. You can read more about the different sizes when ordering photos on our website or via our Oypo account. All our digital files are offered for instant download upon checkout.

Normally – unless otherwise clearly stated or agreed upon before purchase – digital files are for private use only. Private use is generally considered to be a single rider’s website and or his/hers connected social media channels.

A private user license cannot be transferred to any kind of third party. If in doubt please get in direct contact with us and we can explain more.

Photo credits

When ever publishing our work please use one of the following photo credits:

  • For a website – www.eventingphoto.com
  • For social media – @eventingphoto

Print orders

During any kind of corona lockdowns we recommend you to only order digital files and print them locally

We offer a set of various standard prints on our website. The delivery times vary in between 1-7 days but may take even longer depending on final destination, purchase time, public holidays and the good work and co-operation of the national postal services.

If you need express delivery please make sure to get in contact and see what we can come up with. You can also contact us for special requests such as big prints, custom made gifts or wall decorations.

When do I need a Commercial License

To use our photos commercially you’ll need to pay for a commercial license. Examples of commercial usage is tack company, general website, online or printed media, advertising etc.

We offer very competitive rates for different kinds of commercial licensing of our work so please do not hesitate in getting into contact to find out more.

Please know it is never allowed to purchase photos on a non commercial license and hand these over to sponsors, media and or other third parties for commercial use.


The copyright for all our photos belong www.eventingphoto.com


Since a few years back we’re supporting Belgian eventing team member Julien Despontin and Lisa Sabbe. Unfortunately for you this means we do not have any openings for any others sponsor riders.

However, from time to time we do sponsor and work together with some exclusive events and organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium and more. If you’d like to know if we can do something together with your event please make sure to get in contact.